Aesthetic Solutions

Aesthetic Solutions in Houston, TX

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At Consultants in Dental Aesthetics (CDA), we provide aesthetic solutions that benefit your overall health as well as your dental health. We are always searching for the latest technology, participating in advanced training programs, and continually updating our office to create a modern and inviting spa-like atmosphere.

The best evidence of our success is the countless clients who are happy with their smile, thanks to Dr. Landry’s unrivaled expertise. Depending on your needs, our skilled team will work closely with you to provide the most suitable aesthetic solutions. These options include:

These restorations are usually made of acrylic resin and powdered glass. They’re also known as tooth-colored fillings because they can be made in a shade that’s identical to your enamel. They are also strong enough to handle the moderate pressure of chewing and can be used on either back or front teeth. Dr. Landry usually places it in layers that are hardened using a specialized light. Once done, he shapes the composite to fit your tooth. He also polishes it to make it look more realistic. With composite fillings, you can eat, smile or laugh without any worries.


Aesthetic Bonding

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If you have discolored, chipped, or decayed teeth, aesthetic bonding is a quick and affordable way to repair them. The procedure involves applying a colored composite resin to the affected tooth. Aesthetic bonding can be completed in one visit, unlike veneers, which require customization in a lab. It’s also a practical way of filling unwanted gaps between your teeth or correcting mild alignment issues. This procedure doesn’t require as much preparation, and anesthesia is rarely needed for damage above the gum line. Before beginning, Dr. Landry uses a shade guide to pick a color that matches your tooth.

Dr. Landry will then roughen the surface and apply a liquid conditioner that’ll help the bonding material stick. In the final phase, the tooth-colored resin is applied, cured, shaped, and molded to give the desired natural-looking result.

DaVinci™ Veneers

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These veneers are made by DaVinci™ Dental Studios, a company with a reputation for making high-end aesthetic solutions. Their handcrafted porcelain veneers are among the most requested restorations. Given the stunning results they produce, they can only be described as a work of art. It typically takes three visits to complete this procedure, although our skilled team can do it in two. The first involves an examination of your teeth to ensure they’re healthy, as well as the planning of subsequent treatment. The second visit is longer because it requires more preparation.

Dr. Landry will lightly buff your teeth to create space for the veneers. Since DaVinci™ Veneers are incredibly thin, only a tiny portion of each tooth will be altered. Impressions are then created and sent to the DaVinci lab. Because it takes about two weeks to create custom veneers, a temporary solution is placed. DaVinci™ Veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth during the final visit. A specialized light beam is used to harden the adhesive and complete the restoration.

Porcelain CEREC Crowns

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Crowns cover teeth that are decayed, broken, cracked, or used after root canal therapy. They strengthen and preserves your dental structure and can be placed in a single dental appointment. This digital design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology creates a crown that fits your tooth perfectly. Our skilled team will take images of the affected tooth using CAD/CAM technology and use them to create a custom 3D model from high-quality porcelain. Dr. Landry will then shade match, polish, and bond the crown to complete the ideal restorative treatment.

KOR® Teeth Whitening

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Your teeth will inevitably discolor as you grow older. With several over the counter whitening products in the market, it’s hard to tell which really work. KOR teeth whitening stands out as the world’s best solution for various reasons. Only a qualified dentist, such as Dr. Landry, can recommend this aesthetic solution.

KOR kits aren’t sold over the counter, so you can be sure the whitening procedure will meet the highest standards. Other than its proprietary gel, the kit comes with trays that snugly fit your teeth. This prevents saliva from interfering with and weakening the process. Because it’s refrigerated from the time of manufacture until use, KOR doesn’t lose its power. For a longer-lasting effect, you’ll receive KOR whitening maintenance gel to use at home as prescribed by Dr. Landry.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

This aesthetic solution is a convenient and sophisticated alternative to traditional metal braces. Their transparent appearance removes the self-awareness that’s associated with metal braces. Invisalign clear aligners can be conveniently removed for eating and brushing, and important social occasions. Additional benefits include:

  • Better oral hygiene because you can remove them when cleaning your teeth.
  • The discreet appearance makes it hard for people to tell you’re wearing clear aligners unless you tell them, or they look closely. This protects your privacy, especially if you don’t like unwanted attention.
  • More comfortable than braces because Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, high-quality plastic and are customized for your dental structure.
  • Zero dietary restrictions will remove the need to obsess over the kinds of food you eat. Invisalign allows you to eat as you always have.
  • Safer than braces because you can remove Invisalign Clear Aligners before engaging in sports and other highly physical activities.
  • A beautiful, confident smile is the most significant benefit because a self-assured appearance has a positive effect on your overall physical and mental health.

Before you can use this aesthetic solution, our skilled team uses specialized software to plan your treatment. The alignment will occur in several phases, each of which will require a new set of custom trays. We recommend you wear each set for at least 22 hours daily for two weeks.

Periodontal Aesthetic Surgery with LANAP

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Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is another amazing technique that can give you a brighter, healthier smile. Other than treating gingivitis, it can also be used for aesthetic reasons. If you feel like your gums are obstructing your smile, crown lengthening can create balance and uniformity. Also called periodontal plastic surgery, this treatment removes excess bone and gum tissue, exposing more of your enamel and ultimately improving your smile. It also helps in preventing gingivitis and periodontitis since smaller gums have a lower chance of infection.

Before starting the procedure, a local anesthetic is administered to make it painless. Dr. Landry will then make use of the technologically advanced laser to create tiny incisions and remove tissue. Some bone might also be removed if it will help improve your dental alignment. Once done, the incisions are cleaned with sterile water and closed with sutures if needed to encourage your new gums to reattach. Our skilled team will schedule follow-up visits after a week or two to assess the healing process.

Smile Makeover

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This treatment includes a combination of various dental procedures, all designed to give you a straighter, brighter, and whiter smile. These procedures include composite bonding, dental veneers, gum lifts, whitening solutions, and dental implants. Before starting a smile makeover, various factors are considered. These include your facial structure, hair color, skin tone, jaw alignment, tooth color, and lips. Our skilled team will also consider your opinion on what you want to change about your smile. Common issues include missing, chipped or misaligned teeth, and the shape of your lips or cheeks.

While examining you, Dr. Landry will assess the length, texture, and proportion of your teeth. This makes every smile makeover different for each patient because they all have unique elements. There are also various methods of showing you a preview of the result. They include before and after photos of past patients, dental imaging software, dental models, and composite bonding mockups.

6 Amazing Benefits of Aesthetic Solutions

1. Worthy Investment

Some people wrongly believe aesthetic dental procedures are expensive and only reserved for the rich and famous. The diverse number of methods, coupled with increasingly affordable technology, mean they’re accessible for most. Besides, for most people, the overall benefits of a brighter smile are well worth the investment.

Your oral health can significantly impact your general health, and poor dental habits can expose your respiratory and cardiovascular systems to increased attacks. When you have a straight, white, beautiful smile, you are highly motivated to continue to keep it that way by being devoted to your home health routine and attending your regular dental visits.

With continually improving techniques and technology, you no longer need to be afraid of dental procedures. Some procedures are so quick that they can be done over lunch break. Others are so non-invasive that they can be done without anesthesia.

One of the most significant benefits of having a beautiful smile is the confidence boost that accompanies it. You can socialize freely and pursue your interests without inhibitions. Aesthetic solutions also make you look younger, which further increases your self-esteem.

A healthier lifestyle and higher self-esteem will positively impact your career. The perfect smile makes you more likely to pitch ideas, engage in company events, and take on leadership roles. These, in turn, mean you’re more likely to receive a promotion or grow your own business.

DaVinci veneers, aesthetic bonding, composite fillings, teeth whitening kits, porcelain crowns, and Invisalign are just some of the available solutions. This means there’s a convenient procedure for any aesthetic need you might have.

How to Choose the Best Aesthetic Solution

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With so many procedures to choose from, you might get confused about what you need. One way of making up your mind is to make an appointment with a qualified professional such as Dr. Landry. During the consultation, he’ll assess your problem from a professional viewpoint while considering your opinions. When choosing an aesthetic solution, make sure you understand your role and ask us every question you can think of. The internet is a great resource that can also help you decide by offering basic descriptions of the different treatments.

Personal comfort is another essential consideration. You naturally want to opt for a team of skilled professionals that will make your dental care comfortable and anxiety-free. At Consultants in Dental Aesthetics, we have a reputation for putting our clients at ease before, during, and after every procedure. The first-class service and the improvement in your appearance will make you look forward to your next visit.

Advanced Restorative Solutions & Five-Star Service

If you’ve been looking for the perfect smile, CDA is where your search ends. We offer highly refined solutions to the most challenging dental problems you might have. Our skilled team is experienced in shaping, sculpting, and polishing teeth above and beyond the industry standards. All of this is done in a relaxing, spa-like environment.

Our comfort menu ensures you’re pampered every step of the way. This concierge service is designed to get rid of the anxiety associated with traditional dentistry. Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how our aesthetic solutions make their smiles even better than they imagined. For more details, call our Houston team today!